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Creighton University School of Pharmacy and Health Professions offers a variety of learning opportunities for visiting students interested in supplementing their pharmacy education or professional career.

Online delivery of courses accommodates a busy lifestyle and enables you to choose where you learn. Visiting students have access to a wide variety of our supportive resources including access to our libraries, online writing center, academic success counselors, services of our Office of Distance Education and technology support.

Apply today to become a visiting student at Creighton.

Visiting Pharmacy Student Courses


All courses listed have a Final Examination unless otherwise noted.
Courses with a star (*) have some type of synchronous time requirement.

Fall: August - December

  • PHA 313 Pharmacy Calculations - 2 credit hours
  • PHA 317 Pharmaceutics I - 3 credit hours
  • PHA 326 Patient Assessment - 2 credit hours
  • PHA 337 Chemical Basis of Drug Action - 2.5 credit hours
  • PHA 403 Cultural Proficiency I - 2 credit hours
  • PHA 413 Pharmacotherapeutics I: Nonprescription/Self-care – 5 credit hours
  • PHA 415 Pharmacotherapeutics II – 6 credit hours
  • PHA 425 Pharmacotherapeutics II Case Studies – 1 credit hour*
  • PHA 430 Immunopharmacology & Biotechnology - 2 credit hours
  • PHA 457 Clinical Toxicology - 1 credit hour
  • PHA 480 Pediatric Pharmacy Practice Elective - 2 credit hours


Spring: January - May

  • PHA 300 Pharmacogenomics in Disease Management - 2 credit hours*
  • PHA 362 Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics - 1 credit hour
  • PHA 377 Alcoholism, Addiction and Other Substance-Related Disorders - 2 credit hours*
  • PHA 403 Cultural Proficiency for Health Care Professionals - 2 credit hours
  • PHA 414 Pharmacotherapeutics II – 6 credit hours
  • PHA 416 Pharmacotherapeutics IV – 6 credit hours
  • PHA 424 Pharmacotherapeutics II Case Studies – 1 credit hour *
  • PHA 426 Pharmacotherapeutics IV Case Studies – 1credit hour*
  • PHA 443 Basic Pharmacokinetics - 2 credit hours
  • PHA 447 Chemical Basis of Drug Action II - 2 credit hours
  • PHA 451 Advanced Critical Care – 2 credit hours\PHA 454 Pharmacy Practice Law – 3 credit hours
  • PHA 456 Ethics in Healthcare Professions – 3 credit hours
  • PHA 457 Clinical Toxicology - 1 credit hour      


Summer:  May – August

  • PHA 403 Cultural Proficiency for Healthcare Professionals - 2 credit hours
  • PHA 451 Advanced Critical Care Therapeutics - 2 credit hours
  • PHA 457 Clinical Toxicology - 1 credit hour


Course Descriptions

Admissions Requirements

Creighton University School of Pharmacy and Health Professions offers online courses available to students outside of our professional  programs. To enroll in coursework at Creighton, individuals must be either currently matriculated in a pharmacy, occupational therapy or physical therapy degree program at an accredited institution and in good academic standing or be a licensed pharmacist,  occupational therapist or physical therapist.

Application Process

The following steps must be completed:

  • Meet the minimum technology requirements to enroll in an online course at Creighton University.
  • Review the exam and proctoring requirements below. Not all classes listed offer a final exam. If you require a class that offers a final exam, it is your responsibility to verify with the class instructor of record that this requirement will be met with the class being offered. See FAQs for exam requirements.
  • (Pharmacy Only) students currently enrolled in a professional program of study must complete the Dean Verification/Approval Form.
  • If applicable, an official copy of a current professional license must accompany the visiting student application form.
  • Registration deadlines and refund information.  Supporting documentation must be received by the respective semesters deadline. 
  • Frequently Asked Questions.


Semester Tuition Per Credit Hour for Summer 2020, Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 is Set at $1,102

Beginning July 1st, 2020 there will be no discount for visiting students.

Exams and Proctoring Resources

Exams with ExamSoft Examplify

ExamSoft Examplify is used in the School for high-stakes assessments using the student's laptop computer, including visiting students. ExamSoft Examplify is downloaded onto the student computer.

Click here for laptop technical requirements.

Proctoring with Examity Online Proctoring 

All proctored assessments are monitored by Examity, the School’s live online certified proctoring solution. Examity’s technical support allows students to get help over the phone through email or live chat. Students are required to have a minimum continuous Internet connection of 3 Mbps upload and download speed or higher for simultaneous screen sharing, video and audio conferencing. To test connectivity level at your exam location, go to

Please contact Creighton My IT Technology Support for assistance.