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Creighton University Health Sciences Campus

Mar 25, 2021

Dean Evan T. Robinson, RPh, PhD, FNAP, provides information about preparing for its first classes in Phoenix for Pharmacy and Occupational Therapy in the fall of 2021 with planning for Physical Therapy for the fall of 2022.

2021 Spring Banquet Highlights

Mar 24, 2021

At the annual Spring Banquet, more than 25 awards were given, voted upon by organizations, classes, Pharmacy and Health Professions Student Government (PHPSG) and faculty.

Virtual Presentation Through Interactive Platform

Mar 23, 2021

Through a collaborative partnership between Teikyo University in Japan and Regis University in Denver, Colorado, the first ever Virtual Exchange Congress was held Sunday, Feb 28 and Monday, March 1, through an interactive platform.

A Part of History

Mar 18, 2021

Josie Partridge, a first-year pharmacy student from Castle Rock, Washington, has volunteered at five of the first six COVID-19 community vaccine clinics at Creighton’s Rasmussen Center, and she’s excited to do more.

It Feels Pretty Special

Mar 18, 2021

As guests rolled up their sleeves at one of 24 COVID-19 vaccination stations inside the community clinic at Creighton’s Rasmussen Center, many expressed their gratefulness to the health sciences students administering the vaccination.