Rehabilitation Sciences Research Laboratory


SPAHP Rehab Sciences

The Rehabilitation Science Research Lab is a state-of-the-art facility committed to improvement of rehabilitation, health and wellness of people, education of rehabilitation scientists and service to the community.

Our scientific team has active research programs, funded by national agencies and foundations including the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation and the American Physical Therapy Association. Our research focuses on the theoretical underpinnings of movement dysfunction and development of rehabilitation techniques. An array of biomedical assessments and consultation is available for both the research and clinical community. The lab serves as a training ground for future scientists and clinicians, allowing our colleagues and students to innovate and advance the science of rehabilitation.

Research Mission

Investigate the mechanisms of injury or dysfunction and the efficacy of therapeutic interventions on movement dysfunction with a primary focus on individuals with neurological impairments, musculoskeletal conditions, recovery from cancer and the effects of aging.

Teaching Mission

Provide educational experiences in movement science for health care professionals, biomechanists and biomedical engineers.

Service Mission

Provide clinically relevant gait and movement evaluation for the community.

Participate in a Study

Do you experience severe fatigue or have Parkinson’s Disease? Do you have a joint injury such as osteoarthritis, knee meniscus injury or ACL tear? Are you currently pregnant? Have you been treated for breast cancer? Participate in a research study. Learn more about open studies and compensation.