Women's Health Residency

Women’s Health PT Residency Program

The women’s health physical therapy residency at Creighton University is a 12-month clinical experience focused on one-to-one clinical mentorship and advanced didactic instruction from expert faculty. You’ll develop expertise in the practice of women’s health through evidence-based care and through an outstanding curriculum that is based on the most current Description of Specialty Practice (DSP) in women’s health. The program is coordinated through a partnership with Creighton Therapy and Wellness and Creighton University’s Department of Physical Therapy. 

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First-Time Pass Rates on the WCS Exam

2019 82% 91% 100%
2020 83% 100% 100%
2021 Data not available Data not available 100%


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Research Experience

The resident participates in research by creating a case report/study for publication or presenting a relevant topic at a state, regional, or national professional meeting.

Learning Experiences

We are a full-time, 12-month clinical residency with didactic curriculum at Creighton University and clinical practice at Creighton Therapy and Wellness in Omaha, Nebraska. We offer:

  • Advanced didactic instruction in women’s health, including specific WCS exam prep
  • 30 hours of clinical practice per week with our clinical partner, including regular one-to-one mentoring from clinical faculty
  • Weekly “Common Curriculum” seminars with other specialties and professions at Creighton, including orthopedic PT, neurologic PT, pediatric PT, geriatric PT and OT fellows
  • Teaching experiences with DPT students in musculoskeletal PT classes and laboratories
  • Quarterly written narratives, with feedback from peers and faculty
  • Case presentations, with feedback from peers and faculty

Mission and Goals

Mission Statement

The mission is to develop graduates who will advance women’s health physical therapy practice through demonstration of excellent clinical reasoning and clinical teaching skills, dedication to patient advocacy and service, and leadership in the profession. Program faculty, mentors, and residents will excel in managing the uncertainty and complexity of clinical practice, utilizing technology to advance patient care, and demonstrating clinical innovation in practice.



  1. The program will become a nationally recognized leader in women’s health physical therapy residency education.
  2. The program will provide an innovative curriculum emphasizing clinical reasoning, excellence in teaching, and advanced knowledge and skills in women’s health physical therapy practice.
  3. The program will exemplify excellence in clinical practice across the breadth of women’s health physical therapy integrating innovation, technology, and managing uncertainty and complexity to enhance patient participation.
  4. The program faculty, mentors, and residents will engage in patient advocacy and service activities to serve the needs of society.
  5. The program will prepare residents to pursue ABPTS certification in women’s health physical therapy.
  6. The program will maintain credentialing/accreditation from the American Physical Therapy Association.
  7. The program will maintain consistency of excellence in clinical education delivery in all sites affiliated with Creighton University Women’s Health Residency Program.

Residency Participant Goals and Outcomes

  1. The resident will be able to identify and discuss foundational, behavioral, and clinical sciences and critical inquiry principles related to advanced clinical practice.
  2. The resident will demonstrate “proficient” clinical reasoning skills necessary for advanced clinical practice.
  3. The resident will demonstrate accurate performance of all elements of the patient management model (examination, evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis, intervention, and outcomes) in the an outpatient setting related to advanced women’s health practice.
  4. The resident will successfully complete, with a passing score, 2 live patient practical examinations and one written examination during the residency.
  5. The resident will demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully complete the Women’s Health Specialty Exam.
  6. The resident will be able to provide effective teaching/communication to patients, peers, and students.
  7. The resident will demonstrate professional behaviors and leadership related to service to the community and profession at a local and national level.

Residency Completion / Pass Rate

yearCompletion / Pass Rate

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