2020 Capstones

2020 Occupational Therapy Capstones

Student Presentations

Mat-Su TBI Screening Clinic & Resource Fair
Katie Adams
The value of occupational therapy in the screening clinic & resource fair for individuals living with a brain injury in the Mat-Su region of Alaska.

CTE Hope Brain Injury Support Group
Darcy Baker
An exploration of community resources available and the value of a support groups for individuals living with brain injury.

Returning to Driving Post Spinal Cord Injury
Jared Baker
Case study showcasing the return to driving process through an OT lens.

Pain Management Using Alpha-Stim: Application for the Veteran Population
Jessica Baldridge
Pain management in the veteran population using Alpha-Stim group participation.

Occupational Therapy’s Role in Adaptive Skiing and Winter Sports
Siera Becker
A review of OT’s role in adaptive skiing interventions.

Importance of Membership in State Associations
Taryn Betka
Results from a cross-sectional survey of members in the Nebraska state association regarding perceived value of membership.

Instructional Design for Visual Learners in OTD 330/340
Alicia Borcic
Development of course materials to provide evidence-based support to learners in an OTD hybrid program anatomy course.

Social Determinants of Health
Catherine Boyle
A resource to support program development within the context of social determinants of health.

Repetitions Matter for Patient’s Recovery from CVA
Jared Baker
Integration of evidence into practice for the use of repetition in rehabilitation post CVA.

Development of Saint Luke’s the Children’s SPOT Sensory Assessment
Morgan Britton
Development of an interactive sensory assessment for children with sensory deficits at a pediatric outpatient clinic.

Developing a Modified Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy Protocol
Marit Brown
Development of a CIMT program and protocol for an outpatient pediatric clinic.

Increasing Accessibility at a Children’s Museum
Brianne Bulleigh
Increasing accessibility and engagement in play through community settings.

Music Therapy and Memory Care
Laura Campion
Outcomes of music programming in memory care settings to improve occupational therapy outcomes.

Hippotherapy Benefits and Reasoning for Coverage
Kathryn Carano
An exploration of hippotherapy as a tool in occupational therapy for individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders.

Effects of Lavender Essential Oil on Infants with Neonatal abstinence Syndrome: A Case Study
Emily Carothers
A case study highlighting the impacts of essential oils in improving infant state regulation and use as a preparatory activity in the NICU.

Program development for Promoting Inclusive Play for Children with Disabilities
Inna Kathreen Chang
An inquiry into the utility of inclusive play programming to support improvements in participation for children with disability.

Air Travel with a Disability: Increasing Participation in Meaningful Occupations
Danielle Chirhart
Expansion of programming to support individuals with disability to enhance air travel from an occupational therapy perspective.

Telehealth Interventions for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Brianna Gibbs Cooper
Case study exploring the effectiveness of telehealth in a pediatric setting for children diagnosed with Autism.

Coffee Cart Program for Teens with Executive Functioning Deficits
Madeline Coughlin
Developing a program for teens to improve executive functioning deficits through a community-based approach.

The Effectiveness of Sensory Intensive Occupational Therapy for Children with Sensory Processing Disorder
Taylor Dalbey
An exploration of the effectiveness of sensory intensive occupational therapy programming to improve child participation in daily life skills.

Needs Assessment for Socialization for Adolescents Oncology Floor Children’s Hospital Colorado
Sydney Dickerson
Results of a needs assessment to address socialization and peer support groups for inpatient pediatric oncology patients.

Assistive Technology for Workplace Training in a School Classroom: Case Example
Charles E Eberle
A case study exploring the use of assistive technology in a high school setting to support transition planning to the workplace.

Engaging Older Adults in Volunteer Opportunities: The Benefits for Residents of an Assisted Living Facility
Kaitlyn Ellerman
Program development and implementation to determine benefits of volunteerism in assisted living and memory care facilities in comparison to community-dwelling older adults.

Cultivating Relationships through Peer Interactions
Paige Engbers
The development of an evidence-based social skills group for children with disabilities at a pediatric outpatient clinic.

Implementing Interactive Metronome
Olivia Fair-Lafferty
Development of an interactive metronome program within occupational therapy and physical therapy sessions to address behavior, motor skills, coordination and cognition for pediatric clients.

Creating a Home Program Tool Box for an Outpatient Pediatric Clinic
Audra Feehan
Creation and utilization of a home programming tool box for pediatric occupational therapists to improve family adherence and follow through.

Seeking Sensory at BraveHearts
Emily Garcia
The utilization of sensory boxes in hippotherapy to engage the sensory system to improve functional independence.

Cancer Related Cognitive Impairment (CRCI)
Sarah Gerken
A review of screening tools and interventions to support occupational therapy practice in oncology rehabilitation.

Barriers to Membership and Perceptions of NOTA in Pediatric Practice
Ellie Goerdt
A sampling of pediatric OT practitioners in the state of Nebraska and their perceptions of barriers to membership in the Nebraska state association.

Support for Social-Emotional and Cognition in Adolescents, Teens, and Young Adults
Margaret Griffin
Results from the development of a social-emotional and cognitive support program for young adults with cardiac or pulmonary conditions.

Chasing OT: A Study into Podcasting as an Advocacy Tool
Chase Gronowski
Advocacy for the importance of occupational therapy to increase knowledge of the profession’s impact through podcasting.

CHI Health Movement Disorder Clinic
Anika Hansen
Development and review of effectiveness of exercise rehabilitation for individuals with progressive neurological conditions.

The Effectiveness of a Clubhouse Model in Adults with Severe and Persistent Mental Illness
Whitney Hewitt
A systematic review of the literature to address the effectiveness of the clubhouse model for adults with severe and persistent mental illness (SPMI).

Effectiveness of a Movement Program for Elementary Students
Jennifer Hickey
Development of programming to support movement to increase attention in the classroom for preschool and kindergarten children.

Addressing Psychosocial Needs in Oncology Rehabilitation
Taylor Hiebert
A review of the roles of occupational therapy in oncology rehabilitation. 

Visual Deficits and Occupational Therapy
Marti M. Hitz
A case study on intervention for visual field deficits in a rural practice setting.

Caregiver Support Groups for Caregivers of Burn Survivors
Macy Hoskins
Development and assessment of a caregiver support group for individuals who have survived burns.

Pediatric Oncology: Practice Guidelines & Role of Rehabilitation Along the Cancer Continuum
Ashley Hottman
Case example illustrating evidence-based model of care for occupational therapy in pediatric oncology rehabilitation.

Handwriting Fun at Educare-Indian Hill
Michelle Huesca
Development of a handwriting programming for children in preschool with teacher supportive resources.

A Sensory Integration Approach to Women’s Health
Morgan Huffman
An exploration on the impact of sensory modulation therapy on women’s health.

Creighton’s SPAHP Comfort and Preparedness to Interact with the LGBTQIA+ Community
Angela Ingram
Results from a survey study of students, faculty and staff at Creighton University regarding preparedness to interact with the LGBTQIA+ community.

Pediatric Orthotic Intervention: A Needs Assessment
Daniel L. Jackson
Results of a needs assessment and creation of marketing tools to enhance pediatric orthosis fabrication at an outpatient hand therapy clinic.

Sexual Health Rehabilitation and Neuro-Clients
Rebecca Jensen
A case study on the results of providing written sexual education to clients with neuro-conditions and its impact on quality of life, sexual health satisfaction and value of occupational therapy.

Cultural Differences in Chile that Impact Occupational Therapy Practice
Andrea Juarez
A review of how culture impacts occupational therapy services in the US and Chile.

Non-invasive Pain Management Techniques in Inpatient Neurological Rehabilitation
Jessica Junio
A case example of the use of non-invasive pain management techniques to increase participation in occupational therapy sessions.

Advocating for OT Involvement in Transition Planning
Elliana Kastner
An overview of the role of OT in pre-employment and transition planning with in a school setting.

Effectiveness of Post-Surgical Scar Management Techniques in Upper Extremity Patients
Nicholas Kellerhals
A review of the literature on use of post-surgical scar management techniques and their effectiveness for upper extremity rehabilitation.

Pediatric Practice: Behavior Model Versus Emotional Developmental Model
Theresa Kennelly
An exploration of models of practice in pediatric settings relative to behavior and emotional development.

The Effects of Meditation on Psychosocial and Physiological Factors
Hilary Kircher
The effects of meditation programming implementation with patients in an inpatient rehabilitation center.

Emphasizing Functional Performance in Outpatient Therapy
Taylor Knecht
A case study examining the outcomes of utilizing functional performance evaluations in rehabilitation.

Quality of Life in Adults with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities
Shaun Kramer
A review of assessments that address quality of life and a discussion on their utility for adults with intellectual and developmental delays.

Assistive Technology and Wheelchair Seating/Positioning Considerations after SCI
Coleman Lay
An exploration of the use of custom seating and positioning and assistive technology applied to a case study for improvements in occupational engagement.

Students and Clinicians with Disabilities in Occupational Therapy
Hannah Lee
A case study of the experiences of students and clinicians with disabilities in the profession of occupational therapy.

Parent Education in the NICU
Emily Ludwig
Review of a program to provide parent education in the NICU in relation to parent occupations, roles, habits, and routines.

Application of Evidence-Based Strategies to Support Home Program Adherence
Krizelle Magdirila
A review of results from the implementation of a occupation-based home program for upper extremity rehabilitation.

CAT: Interprofessional Collaboration Improving Patient Accessibility
Molly Marin
A review of the literature related to collaboration of occupational therapy and design professionals to improve home accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

Development of Educational Resources and Home Exercise Programs for Neurological Population to Enhance Function Post Discharge
Coleen McCarthy
Description of home programming and resources created to support spatial neglect and upper extremity motor recovery.

Identifying the Sensory Processing Disorder Gap
Lauren McClung
Results of a survey to support advocacy measures for children and families living with Sensory Processing Disorders.

Exploring Perceptions of Clinical Leaders Promoting Quality Patient Care on Therapy Teams
Macall McFall
Results of a review of literature in context of interviews with clinical leaders and discussion of themes to improve patient care.

Oculomotor Dysfunction-A Case Study
Chris McGuff
Case study exploring the outcomes for specialized visual based occupational therapy for a 21-year-old male client.

Hippotherapy as Treatment Strategy for Pediatric Population with Disabilities
Kellie McKean
A review of the literature exploring the effectiveness of hippotherapy treatment for children and youth.

Program Development: Promoting Massed Practice with Functional Electrical Stimulation
Brianne McMahon
Implementation of FES adjunct therapy to increase repetition of functional movement and discussion of the results.

Hippotherapy and Occupational Therapy at Westonwood Ranch
Evon Mikulecky
The development of a program proposal to support the use of hippotherapy in supporting increased engagement in ADLs and IADLs for children and adolescents with ASD.

LSVT BIG® and LSVT LOUD® Program Development
Audra Miller
A case study of the implementation of LSVT BIG & LSVT LOUD programming with Parkinson’s Disorder.

Development of a Community-based Fieldwork Program for Level I and II OT Students
Jennifer Mitton
A review of program development to support integration of occupational therapy student services in a community clinic.

A Needs Assessment of Social Groups for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Julia Neppel
The results from a comprehensive needs assessment to promote occupational therapy’s role in supporting social engagement for individuals living with ASD.

Leadership within Occupational Therapy
Katherine North
Defining the characteristics of occupational therapists as leaders within healthcare.

Development of Combined M-CIMT and Bimanual Therapy Program for Infants in a Group Setting
Sydney Oehrke
Program development review and implementation of M-CIMT for young children presenting with hemiplegia.

Appraisal of Pre-Professional Accreditation Standards for Occupational Therapy Programs in the United Kingdom and the United States
Katherine Olmedo
An overview of occupational therapy educational programming across the UK and the US.

Trauma Informed Care
Claire Passmore
An exploration of psychosocial screening and mental health intervention in the ICU through a case study.

Recruitment and Retention of Rural Allied Health Professionals
Mackenzie Payne
An exploration of literature on effective retention and recruitment strategies for rural practice settings.

Improving OT Student Learning Experiences by Integrating Learning Style and Teaching Strategy into Creighton University’s Doctor of Occupational Therapy Kinesiology Course
Jenna Pelchat
Results discussed from the Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire in context of student learning experiences.

Sensory Stimulation after Traumatic Brain Injuries
Katie Petersen
A case study to explore the effectiveness of sensory stimulation when working with a client in a vegetative state post traumatic TBI in the ICU.

Seating and Positioning Throughout the Lifespan
Erika Petty
A review of several client seating needs across the lifespan to improve occupational outcomes.

The Effect of Shoulder Position on Manual Wheelchair Propulsion Biomechanics: A Pilot Study
Amy Piekosz
A review of results from a pilot study on the shoulder position and wheelchair propulsion for rehabilitation clients.

TBI and Vision-Vestibular Assessment
Cat Ramiso
A review of evidence for effectiveness of vestibular ocular sensory integration for clients post TBI.

Virtual Reality and Rehabilitation
Brooke Rasmussen
An exploration of the literature on the effectiveness of virtual reality on upper extremity rehabilitation outcomes across the lifespan.

Mobile Outpatient Therapy: Needs Assessment for a Business Proposal
Jimmy Roberts
An overview of needs assessment and business plan proposal to support mobile outpatient therapy needs in Denver, CO.

Economic Viability of Hand Therapy Clinics in Rural Settings
David Rose
An exploration of barriers and business models to create successful rural hand therapy clinics.

Development of a Weekly, 20-Minute Social Emotional School Program: A Single Student Case Study
Jayme Rossow
Review of the use of an adapted curriculum from the Zones of Regulation® for emotional regulation skills in a classroom setting.

Multiple Sclerosis Program: Avera Therapy
Shelby Rozenboom
Program development and implementation of holistic approach Multiple Sclerosis Program to improve quality of life.

Development of a Systematic, Evidence-Based Guiding Fieldwork Tool to Increase Student Competency in an Acute Care and ICU Setting
Dezarai Diana Ramirez Ryan
An overview of the development of resources to support increased competence and confidence for students and practitioners in acute care for rural hospitals.

Inclusive School Emergency Plans for Students with Cognitive and Sensory Needs
Taylor Sadler
A review of program development to support students with cognitive and sensory disabilities for emergency preparedness.

Occupational Therapy and Special Education
Caroline Schmidt
A review of education material development to improve collaboration between teachers, aides and occupational therapists in a school setting.

Implementing a Sensory Room for Preschoolers
Hannah Rose Wysopal Schramm
Program development to enhance education and utilization on sensory room in a preschool setting.

Development of Occupational Therapy Pain Management for Patients with Obstetric Brachial Plexus Palsy
Rachel Schroeter
Results from critically appraised topic supporting multidisciplinary treatment for OBPP in infants for optimal outcomes.

Sexuality Education within Occupational Therapy Curriculum
Christina-Marie Sleight
An exploration of increasing access to education on sexuality and OT in an OTD program to close the gap between education and practice.

Intrauterine Drug Exposure: A Model for Assessment and Intervention Focus
Kaitlyn Stangl
A program development review for processes, models and resources to support infants and children with drug exposure.

Effectiveness of Low Vision Intervention and Bioptic Training for a Patient with Age-Related Macular Degeneration
Brianna Starr
A case study to explore the effectiveness of compensatory intervention and Bioptic training for IADL independence.

Nourishing My Roots: OT in a Native American Health System
Michaela Stevenson
A review of literature on the implementation of culturally sensitive healthcare services to improve health behaviors in minority populations.

Occupational Therapy’s Role in Addressing Aging with a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)
Peyton Stork
A systematic review of literature to address OTs role in addressing aging for individuals with a SCI receiving therapy services.

Disability Education Programming for Caregivers in Uganda
Carissa Stratton
Model for caregiver education implementation reviewed as a means to increase quality of life for individuals living with a disability in Uganda.

Home Modifications for Aging-in-Place Clients
Michael Thomason
Considerations explored for aging-in-place through home modification.

Exploring Sensations as a Coping Skill
Mackenzie Twaddell
An exploration of sensory modulation as a form of coping to improve quality of life for patients in acute care.

Occupational Therapy’s Role in Addressing Vision Impairments Post-Stroke
Nicole Vasquez
Review of literature and effectiveness of occupational therapy visions evaluations and interventions to support creation of inpatient rehabilitation vision toolkit.

Culturally Sensitive Occupational Therapy Doctoral Capstone Experience with Raw, Recycled and Everyday Materials
Lena-Maria Volkers
Review of impact of culture on client’s plan of care and creating culturally sensitive occupational therapy intervention.

Role of Occupational Therapy in Concussion Rehabilitation
Emily Walker
Two case studies to assess the impact of occupation-based interventions to increase adherence to completing activities at sub-symptomatic level post-concussion.
The Effectiveness of the Masgutova Neurosesnsorimotor Reflect Integration - MNRI® Method on the Occupational Performance of Patients with Neurological Disorders Across the Lifespan
Carina Watson
Single subject case study review of the use of the MNRI® for a child with congenital neurological disorder.

The Occupation-Centered Intervention Assessment: Development and Dissemination
Taylor L. Wienkes
A review of development of an instruction manual for the Occupation-Centered Intervention Assessment.

The Effectiveness of the Saint John Rehabilitation Protocol Following Zone II Flexor Tendon Repair
Madeline Wille
A review of the literature for St. John’s rehabilitation protocol for zone II flexor tendon repair.

Family Feeders: A Family Approach to Feeding Therapy
Jaclyn B. Williams
Review of the implementation of Family Feeders program to enhance quality of life through safe and positive food interactions.

Occupational Therapy Across the Continuum of Care: Discharge Planning, Quality of Health Measures, and Readmissions Rates
Marlise Williams
A review of literature related to occupational therapy services ability to impact readmission rates and improve quality health measures.

Inclusive Clothing for Individuals of All Abilities
Nicole Willse
The results from implementation of adaptive clothing education in a clothing design course to increase accessibility and meet psychosocial needs of clients with disabilities.

All Joy Wellness Program: Improving Quality of Life for Pediatric Clients and Their Caregivers
Jocelyn Young-Hyman
A review of program development for an evidence-based wellness program for caregivers and children with disabilities.