Young Alumni Honored
Young Alumni Honored

Four recent alumni from the School of Pharmacy and Health Professions were recognized with the 2017 Young Alumni Achievement Award during Homecoming. The Young Alumni Appreciation Award (YAAA) is conferred annually on an outstanding graduate from each of the three disciplines in the School of Pharmacy and Health Professions (occupational therapy, pharmacy and physical therapy) who earned his/her degree from Creighton in the past 10 years. The citation is awarded to alumni who have distinguished themselves in their professional practice, community service or other areas that reflect positively on our school and the University.

Young Alumni Achievement Since graduating from Creighton, Marlena Culver Witchell, DPT’07, has pursued her passion for pediatric physical therapy at Elkhorn Public Schools in Elkhorn, Nebraska, and most recently with Bryan LGH in Lincoln, Nebraska. Witchell remains fully engaged in her profession, participating in guest lab instruction, mentoring pediatric therapy residents and providing professional services with programs such as Am-Trike, the Ollie Webb Center and Special Olympics.

Young Alumni Achievement Doug Besch, MBA’07, PharmD’07, and Michael Rea, PharmD’07, founded Rx Savings Solutions in 2012 to offer an innovative, patented software system encouraging employers and their members to educate consumers about health care. The software supports a collaborative, cost-saving solution for purchasing prescription drugs. Utilizing Besch and Rea’s clinical backgrounds, the system delivers personalized recommendations on how to optimize therapies while achieving savings results for both employers and members.

Young Alumni Achievement While a student at Creighton, Maria Doyle Devlin, OTD’11, BSHS’11, and other occupational therapy students helped the Gifford Park Neighborhood Association raise $50,000 for new playground equipment. Devlin’s work on “Operation Playground” was an effort to promote healthy and active lifestyles and improve the infrastructure of the park. Devlin, who now lives in Colorado, returns to Omaha each spring and fall to organize a playground and park maintenance cleanup celebration.

Her work has inspired the community, and since the playground equipment was installed, many other updates have been added to the park including benches around the playground and a monarch butterfly habitat.