SPAHP PHPSG Grant Drives Students to Give Back.
SPAHP PHPSG Grant Drives Students to Give Back.

SPAHP PHPSG Grant Drives Students to Give Back. Creighton University’s Pharmacy and Health Professions Student Government (PHPSG) has put forth $15,000 in grant funds towards the largest School of Pharmacy and Health Professions (SPAHP) student service initiative to date. The mission of the PHPSG Service Grant is to drive quality service in the community by SPAHP students and to promote the current missions of PHPSG and Creighton.

With an increase of $10,500 from the grant last year, 17 applications were submitted and after a competitive review, 16 were accepted. Below is a summary of the grants that will be implemented by the awardees by June 30, 2017. Of the 14 grants, two of them are focused on student events and the rest are focused on community events.

  • The Periaktoi Build Project is a project that is run by the Alaska cohorts of the 2017-2019 graduating classes. The goal of the project is to provide community volunteers, staff and patients a useful and versatile tool to assist in the facilitation and development of therapeutic activities which support patients on their road to stabilization and recovery. This would help all patients and professionals working with patients. The money from this grant will be used to buy materials needed to build periaktoi, and to rent to tools and shop needed to construct the periaktoi.
  • Creatively Promoting Literacy with DIBS for Kids is a project set up and run by 20- to 30 Creighton students. Their goal is to bring a fun, carnival-type event to Fontenelle Elementary School to help promote reading, literacy, and DIBS for Kids (Delivering Infinite Book Shelves). They mention that Fontenelle Elementary is a very diverse school with many students speaking English as a second language and low test scores, compared to other Omaha elementary schools, so helping this specific school is important. The money from this grant would help Creighton students purchase items for the carnival night.
  • How Interprofessional Research Can Benefit YOU is a project run by Pi Theta Epsilon. This project would hold a lunch and interprofessional event including two speakers, an occupational therapist and a physical therapist, to talk about their research projects. The money from the grant would be used to provide free lunches. Pi Theta Epsilon believes free lunches will grow a student audience to listen to the speakers.
  • Sensory Garden Planting is a project run by 20 to 25 students. This project will plant flowers in the sensory garden behind the Boyne Building to enhance the beauty of the area for Creighton students and other community members. The garden is also wheelchair accessible, providing children with physical disabilities the opportunity to participate in gardening. The money from this grant would go to buy seeds, plants, oils, and food for the event.
  • Creative Canvas is a project run by 15 to 20 occupational therapy students . This project provides a healthy leisure activity (painting on canvases) to members of the Creative Occupations organization on campus. This will help those members and help the students connect their schoolwork with community service. The money from this grant would go to buying supplies for two painting events, including canvases, paint, and cleaning supplies.
  • Pharmacy Technician Tutoring is a project run by pharmacy technician students. This project helps pharmacy technician students get help and tutoring from actual pharmacy technicians by reaching out to professionals within the community. This project would promote community outreach and provide the students with leadership from pharmacy technicians. The money from this grant would go towards paper, printing costs, study guides, and food and drink for the technicians and students.
  • Shining the Spotlight on Health Careers to Area Youth is a project run by students and faculty from the health professions department. The project’s goal is to help high school students from Daniel J. Gross Catholic High School in Bellevue be aware of the career opportunities within the general health field, and to help the high school students improve their skills and knowledge needed for these opportunities. They would hold interactive health fairs to accomplish this goal. The money from this grant would go towards handouts for the students, which include sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and toothbrushes. They would use funds for hands-on projects at the health fair.
  • HIV/AIDS Awareness Week is a project run by the group MHSSA, which consists of members associated with the School of Pharmacy, and the departments of Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy. The project’s goal is to broaden the knowledge of health professions students, staff, and faculty about HIV and AIDS. Presentations will be given to talk about how to treat HIV and AIDS and the reality of living with HIV and AIDS. The money from the grant would go towards making and printing fliers to advertise the event to students, faculty, and staff. Funds will also go towards food and beverage at the event as well.
  • Adapted Easter Egg Hunt is a project run by members of the CUSOTA (Creighton University Student Occupational Therapy Association). The project’s goal is to have an Easter egg hunt for children and adults with special needs. The event helps the students gain leadership skills by running an event, and it will increase community involvement as well. The money from the grant will go towards materials such as eggs, decorating kits, small candies and toys, and snacks for the families in attendance. CUSTOA would also like to have an Easter Bunny come in to take pictures with those in the Easter egg hunt, and if there are additional funds left, they would go towards posters and fliers to advertise the event.
  • OmahAbility is a project run by Student Empowerment Network. The project’s goal is to help those with disabilities have their voices heard through a series  interviews with people of varying abilities and to display around the Omaha community portions of the conversations. The group hopes to remove any stigmas about people with disabilities and to show that people with disabilities have dreams and ambitions like all people. The money from this grant would go towards printing canvas photos, renting out space at Urban Abbey (a coffee shop in Omaha where the interviews would take place), and for food and drink for those who come.
  • Porto Urgent Care Clinic at Heart Ministry Center is a project run by OT students. The project’s goal is to help volunteers at the Heart Ministry Center to learn more about the pain and conditions of clients who attend the clinic and how to help manage that pain. The project provides Creighton students with real life experience. Money from this grant would go towards creating brochures and get supplies for the students to use for their clients.
  • Fred LeRoy Health and Wellness Center Brochures is a project run by Rho Chi. The project’s goal is to provide drug education and lifestyle information to members of the Ponca Tribe and other Native Americans. Members of Rho Chi would do this in a sensitive way within the apparatus of Ponca and other Native religious, cultural, and social beliefs. The effort  will help promote public health within these groups. The money from this grant would go towards making and printing brochures for the wellness center to give out to these groups.
  • Room of Horrors – Heartbreak Hospital is a project run by Operation Heart. The project’s goal is to teach health professions students how to deal with safety hazards in a patient room. These simulations will help students get a very realistic experience with hazards and how to deal with them. The money from this grant would go towards making a patient simulation room within a current nursing lab. There would also be a cash prize for the winner of the competition, and there would be costs for food and drink provided at the event.
  • Senior Prom is a project run by multiple groups, including IGO, Creative Occupations Club, and MHSSA. The project’s goal is to provide the residents of New Cassel Retirement Center meaningful activities and socialization by having a “senior prom” event. This would involve residents having one-on-one conversations with other residents and for residents to enjoy creative activities. The money from this grant would go towards supplies for the event, flyers to promote the event, and for food and drink at the event.
  • Operation Health and Wellness is a project run by Creighton students and the group ABIDE. The goal of the project is to bring a health and wellness componentto ABIDE’s spring event for the community. ABIDE has held several events focusing on providing holistic care for families in Omaha through four areas: community building, family support programs, housing, and partnerships. ABIDE now wants to add the health and wellness piece to its events as a way of continuing to minister to Omaha’s inner-city and promote healthy lifestyles. The specific goal with this community-building event is to teach kids how to put a bike together. The children would then be able to keep the bike, which can provide a healthy means of transportation and recreation. The money from this grant would go towards food for the community members who come and participate. It would also go towards bike parts, helmets, and locks.
  • Operation Diabetes and Healing Gift Free Clinic is a project run by several Creighton students, and volunteers at the Healing Gift Free Clinic at Kountze Memorial Lutheran Church. The goal of their project is to help the other volunteers at Healing Gift with their patients, most of whom are uninsured or underinsured, and often homeless as well. The clinic  has a focus on diagnosing Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. The money from this grant would go towards new A1C machines for the clinic. These machines help with better diagnosing and monitoring patients’ blood sugar levels.

The PHPSG represents all students in the School of Pharmacy and Health Professions. PHPSG was established to promote leadership, professionalism, and service in all campus and distance-learning programs. The focus of PHPSG is to drive initiatives that encourage community outreach and expand the influence of pharmacy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy.

“SPAHP student involvement is the backbone of PHPSG,” said Adrian Schenk, current president of PHPSG and third-year pharmacy student. “This service grant opportunity allows our students  to make a direct impact on the surrounding Omaha communities and the student community as a whole. The students gain a unique, valuable experience through putting our Jesuit values into action and embodying the PHPSG mission.”

For more information about how you can become involved in PHPSG, please click here.