Lab tech, SPAHP professor develop patented pharmaceutical testing device
Lab tech, SPAHP professor develop patented pharmaceutical testing device

Daniel Munt, MS’19, lab technician in the Creighton University School of Pharmacy and Health Professions, and Alekha Dash, PhD, holder of the Gilbert F. Taffe Jr. Endowed Chair in the Department of Pharmacy Sciences, have developed a new device meant for testing aerosol chemicals.

The recently patented Munt/Dash Diffusion Chamber enables researchers to more efficiently lab-test aerosol formulations. The device is a small glass enclosure that allows for chemicals to be applied to a membrane sample at one end.

Munt says the device can provide more accurate data for researchers testing early compounds “in glass” (in vitro) before they move on to testing on live specimens (in vivo).

“The better results we can get between the earlier stages and later stages of lab experimentation, the more we can speed up the process by eliminating things that aren’t going to work,” Munt says. “The hope is to improve the early stage studies so that later, the in vivo studies go faster and smoother, and there aren’t as many unexpected surprises.”

The project began six years ago, ultimately evolving into Munt’s thesis for his master’s degree. In March, Munt and Dash received a patent issue notification from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

“I figured it was something, important and novel,” Munt says of his early conception for the device. “It just started evolving.”