It Feels Pretty Special
It Feels Pretty Special

Student administering vaccineAs guests rolled up their sleeves at one of 24 COVID-19 vaccination stations inside the community clinic at Creighton’s Rasmussen Center, many expressed their gratefulness to the health sciences students administering the vaccination.

Jack Roberts, a second-year pharmacy student from Sheridan, Wyoming, could certainly understand their enthusiasm. The vaccine not only provides important protection from the deadly virus, but a measure of freedom and a pathway back to normalcy.

But Roberts said he is equally grateful – for this opportunity to serve the community and to hone his professional skills.

“For me and my classmates, I think a lot of us jump at any opportunity to go out and meet and care for real people,” he said. “And to be part of a monumental effort to get the Omaha community vaccinated, it feels pretty special.”

When Roberts was looking at pharmacy programs as an undergraduate student at Montana State University, he narrowed his decision down to five choices.

“Creighton was the most impressive,” he said, “especially on interview day. I really felt like they wanted me to come here. There also are so many professional opportunities here in the Omaha area, with the number of hospitals and health systems.”

Roberts, whose father, Dale, is a 1987 Creighton dental alumnus, said Creighton has not disappointed.

“It’s rigorous, but our faculty are incredible,” he said.

Roberts’ goal is to eventually practice in an ambulatory care setting, where he can develop relationships with patients and be part of a health care team. To that end, the hands-on experience at the clinic has been invaluable.

“You really learn things and they become concrete when you go out and do it,” he said. “I’m thankful that we had the opportunity to be here, and be able to do this. This is great.”