A Desire To Help People
A Desire To Help People

The School of Pharmacy and Health Professions Faculty Development Fund supports faculty such as Alekha Dash, PhD, whose innovative work and teaching changes lives.

Growing up near the Bay of Bengal on India’s east coast, in an area where even today the poverty rate is twice India’s average, Alekha Dash, PhD, professor of pharmacy sciences, learned early that people need help.

That lesson became the theme of his life, and a simple desire to help people defines his teaching, his research and his efforts to make Creighton’s educational offerings available to a wider community through the development of online learning.

Out of a special concern for pharmacy students, he has established an endowed scholarship in the memory of his parents, Flurence and Jagannath Dash, in the School of Pharmacy and Health Professions.

Value-Centered Teaching

When asked to name his favorite Creighton characteristic, he instantly cites the “value-centered teaching and caring for others” that permeates Creighton’s philosophy of education.

Dash came to Creighton University just over 28 years ago as an assistant professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences. He had just earned his doctorate in pharmaceutics from the University of Minnesota and was eager to build a career in the Midwest.

He was named a full professor in 2003. In 2008, he was honored with the Gilbert F. Taffe Jr. Endowed Chair in Pharmacy Sciences, which recognizes a prominent pharmaceutical scientist in the School of Pharmacy and Health Professions. Today, he is professor and chair of the Department of Pharmacy Sciences. He also serves as the associate dean for research for the school.

Practitioner, Researcher, Educator

The efficient delivery of drugs to targeted areas has been a special focus of Dash’s research, and he is the inventor of a biodegradable drug-delivery implant and a mucoadhesive nanodelivery system for cancer treatment. He is particularly interested in the emerging science of nanotechnology, especially in the area of drug delivery systems.

Dash is both an academic and a licensed pharmacist, which reflects his desire to produce great practitioners of pharmacy for the future.

“Academic freedom and the ability to pursue research according to societal needs are my main motivations for being a part of academic pharmacy,” he says. “As a teacher, I empower my students to express their academic views freely and openly in the classroom, and I respect their ideas and hypotheses.

“I strive to inspire students to achieve their best not only in the classroom but also in their professional endeavors.”

Faculty Support

The School of Pharmacy and Health Professions Faculty Development Fund supports faculty such as Dr. Dash, whose innovative work and teaching enriches students’ lives and affects real change at Creighton and beyond. To make a gift in support of SPAHP faculty, visit the Faculty Development Fundpage