Department of Physical Therapy October 2020 Newsletter
Department of Physical Therapy October 2020 Newsletter

Dear Creighton Physical Therapy Community:

Chair Perspective

COVID-19 has altered the way we live and function in society on so many levels. PT education as delivered in many academic institutions is certainly no exception to the rule. Faculty and students in the Creighton DPT program have responded exceptionally well to the pandemic, by adapting new mechanisms of learning through use of unorthodox methods of hybrid teaching.   
Since March, Creighton faculty have converted many on-campus laboratory activities and learning assessments to partially or completely virtual experiences. Accomplishing these tasks has been nothing short of miraculous. I am very proud of how all faculty in the department have continually sustained a high level of personal workload to ensure the quality of PT education is not sacrificed during the pandemic.    
Students have also demonstrated incredible resilience to maintain pace with a new style of academic rigor. Learning Zoom technology on the fly, along with practicing hands-on psychomotor skills using hand-crafted mannequins, have sparked exceptional flexibility and ingenuity. Throughout the summer semester, students shared rather unique ways of effectively staging and utilizing artificially designed laboratory partners in prep for psychomotor examinations.   

Faculty Expertise
Despite COVID-19 limitations, the DPT program has remained steadfast in securing new faculty expertise to support student learning. Recent hires in the department include Janice Loudon, PT, PhD, ATC, CSCSPT, who began in January. She brings years of expertise in the areas of clinical orthopedics, biomechanics and running injuries. Kathleen “Katy” Sutton, PT, PHD, DPT, MPH, came to Omaha in May. She maintains a wealth of knowledge in public health, motor control and cardiopulmonary PT. Abbis Jaffri, PT, PhD, began his employment in July and is currently co-teaching human dissection, and medical imaging. Finally, Katherine “Kate” Kugler, PT, DPT, NCS will be joining the Creighton family in November. Kugler has clinical expertise treating neurologic conditions, especially in acute care, and will serve the department in the clinical education program, in addition to coordinating laboratory instruction.

All my best,