The Department of Pharmacy Practice has established the Center for Medication Therapy Management
The Department of Pharmacy Practice has established the Center for Medication Therapy Management

The Center of Medication Therapy Management The Department of Pharmacy Practice has established the Center for Medication Therapy Management to serve as an educational model for cognitive pharmacy services. Through the delivery of medication therapy management services, students will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to provide evidence-based, patient-specific and reimbursable medication management in a unique telehealth environment.

The Center of Medication Therapy Management has partnered with PharmMD Solutions, LLC, and will be led by director Meghan K. Sullivan, PharmD, BCACP. PharmMD is a leader in quality improvement, and a health care industry innovator delivering fast and effective solutions to CMS-regulated health plans and employer groups. Creighton University is the first pharmacy school  that PharmMD has partnered with to establish a remote site for student pharmacists to provide medication therapy management (MTM) services. Through this partnership, Creighton becomes one of five schools of pharmacy that have developed a call center in partnership with a national MTM administrator.

The center will serve as a practice site for fourth-year pharmacy students enrolled in PHA534, a selective Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE), with an emphasis on medication therapy management, as well as a practice site for the CUMC PGY1 Community Pharmacy Residency Program.  

Medication therapy management is defined by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services as “a program of drug therapy management that may be furnished by a pharmacist and is designed to assure, with respect to targeted beneficiaries, that covered Part D drugs are appropriately used to optimize therapeutic outcomes through improved medication use, and to reduce risk of adverse events including adverse drug interactions.”

The center’s MTM program is dedicated to providing comprehensive medication reviews (CMRs), a core element of MTM services. A CMR is a one-on-one discussion with a pharmacist in which the pharmacist reviews all of a patient’s medications, including prescription and nonprescription medications, herbal products and dietary supplements. During a CMR, drug interactions, drug therapy problems and gaps inpatient care are identified and addressed with each patient. The one-on-one discussions also provide a unique opportunity for patients to ask questions or address concerns about their medications. CMRs occur annually and generally last between 30 to 60 minutes.

At the conclusion of the CMR, a personal medication list (PML) is generated and sent to each patient and their primary care provider. The PML is a comprehensive list of all of the patient’s medications, herbal products and dietary supplements. In addition, a medication action plan (MAP) is generated for each patient. This plan is a patient-centric document containing a list of actions for the patient to use in tracking progress for self-management. The medication action plan is shared with the patient’s healthcare provider to ensure effective communication among the members of the health care team.