Department of OT Scholarship Updates
Department of OT Scholarship Updates

The Department of Occupational Therapy continues to get awarded grants and produce numerous publications from stroke rehabilitation, occupational therapy evaluation, acute care fall assessments, and the scholarship of teaching and learning. Below are projects from August to October 2020.

Scholarship Updates

Grants Awarded (since August 2020)

1. Cochran, Jensen, L., Kennel, V. McKelvey, M., & Volkman, K. Creating Connections: Using Student Tele-Teams to Empower Rural Stroke Survivors. American Heart Association NE Mission: Lifeline Rural Stroke Innovators Grant. $42,500

Publications (since August 2020)

1. Luebben, A., Royeen, C., & Mu, K. (2020). Non-standardized Tests. In J. Hinojosa & P, Kramer (eds.), Evaluation in Occupational Therapy: Obtaining and Interpreting Data. AOTA Press.

2. Kemp, E., Domina, A., Delbert, T. Rivera, A., & Navarro-Walker, L. (in press). Development, implementation and evaluation of entry-level occupational therapy doctoral capstones: A national survey. Journal of Occupational Therapy Education.

3. Bonzani, P., Jewell, V.D., & White, B. (in press). A comparison of modified team-based learning and lecture-based instruction in occupational therapy education. Journal of Occupational Therapy Education.

4. Jewell, V.D., Capistran, K., Flecky, K., Qi, Y., & Fellman, S. (2020). Prediction of falls in acute care using The Morse Fall Risk Scale, Occupational Therapy in Health Care, 34(4) .

Education Summit

1. Feldhacker, D., Russell, M., Greiner, B., & Patterson, A. (2020). Student Responses to Telehealth Education: Outcomes from Lecture and Lab Teaching Modules.