Creighton Pediatric Therapy renews efforts
Creighton Pediatric Therapy renews efforts


It has been one year since Creighton Pediatric Therapy (CPT) made its first donation to the YMCA, making its mark on the wall of donors who support the “Creating Strong Communities” campaign.

The CPT clinic’s aquatic therapy program was created two years ago. Implemented by clinic director Kelly Nelson, DPT’08, and Stacy Wong, DPT’10, this program provides aquatic services weekly at the Armbrust YMCA for children with movement difficulties. Aquatic therapy is a great practice to improve strength, balance, and coordination among other things.

“This partnership has allowed us to serve many children for whom aquatic therapy is indicated. It has been a motivating and fun environment and the Armbrust YMCA has supported us in this initiative.” says Nelson, “Parents have said that this is a ‘real world’ environment that feels less sterile than the clinic and has allowed their children to get out and about in the community.”

Children with short-term or long-term movement difficulties face significant gaps in learning, participation, and even positive senses of self. Such challenges not only impact the child, but also everyone around them. Families of such children rarely get the chance to spend quality time together that is not consumed by worry and stress. The YMCA attempts to face these challenges head on through their “Creating Strong Communities” campaign. Recruiting the support of donors, staff, and volunteers, this annual campaign promotes a safe and loving environment for families of such circumstances.

CPT’s donation sponsors three children in a youth sports season.

“This provides their first opportunity to learn teamwork and leadership skills,” says Jolene Becher, executive director of Armburst YMCA. “Creighton’s generous contribution is greatly appreciated.”

Through this program CPT clinic continues to fulfill its vision to empower families and their children to overcome and achieve new heights.