2019 Graduate Spotlights
2019 Graduate Spotlights

Minh Tran, PharmD'19

Minh Tran, PharmD'19I chose to come to Creighton University for my advanced education because of its longstanding history of graduate success within the Omaha community. As an undergraduate student, I had worked part-time as a pharmacy technician, and a lot of the individuals that I wanted to emulate were Creighton graduates who had spoken very highly of their time here. I hold the University to a very high standard of education, having grown up in the Omaha metro area. Omaha will always be home to me, and I want to always contribute to the network of successful young adults who come from the Midwest.

Chelsea Klemetson, DPT'19

Chelsea Klemetson, DPT'19“All my experiences with rehabilitation research have been incredible. I have learned so much and am grateful to have had some opportunities to present and publish material. These experiences have encouraged me to not only think outside of the box in terms of my evaluation and treatment of patients, but they have reinforced the importance of evidence-based practice in physical therapy for me. It's important to get involved outside of the requirements of the program because it helps you learn a lot about yourself and what type of therapist you want to be moving forward in your career.”

Melissa Breyer, OTD'19

Melissa Breyer, OTD'19My father was in the military when I was growing up, so we moved away from Alaska for some time before it started to call us back home. After I finished my bachelor's degree, my parents moved back to Alaska and I decided to join the Creighton program at the University of Anchorage Alaska. I loved that it was a partnership program to educate future therapists in Alaska so they could serve their community. The most meaningful experience that I will take away from this program is the friendships that I have made. Being a distant cohort, there are only a few of us in each class. When you find the ones you especially get along with, they become like family. They are the only ones who understand what you are going through and lift you up when you need it the most. I am so grateful to this program for leading me to people who will be lifelong friends.

Marit Watson, POTD'19

Marit Watson, POTD'19When I began the program, I was navigating my way through loss and toward motherhood. I was transitioning from full-time clinical work toward an unexpected opportunity to stay at home with our new baby. As I struggled to redefine my occupational roles and routines, the post-professional OTD program provided a sense of constancy in the chaos. I plan to continue to chase big dreams, create new pathways, and celebrate the beautiful diversity within the profession of occupational therapy. I will be forever grateful to the Creighton University students, faculty and staff who inspired me, challenged me and empowered me. As a military spouse, I appreciated the “portability” of the post-professional program at Creighton University.