Marion . Russell
Marion Russell

Marion Russell

Assistant Professor
Director, Post-Professional Occupational Therapy Doctorate
School of Pharmacy and Health Professions

Academic Appointments


  • Occupational Therapy


  • Assistant Professor

Teaching Activity

  • OTD 386 Institute for Latin American Concerns
  • OTD 442 Critical Analysis
  • POTD 501 Historical Perspectives in Occupational Therapy
  • POTD 580 Professional Trajectories
  • POTD 590 Doctoral Experiential Component


I am  a graduate of the Post-Professional Doctor of Occupational Therapy program at Creighton University and joined the faculty here at Creighton in August 2018. I am originally from Berlin, Germany and have experience working in private practice and clinical settings in the United States, Germany, and Austria.

Since 2016, I have been a member of a specialized feeding and eating therapy team at the NoTube Interdisciplinary Therapy Center in Graz, Austria. Prior to that, I worked with medically fragile children at a special purpose private school in Scarborough, Maine. I have taught pediatrics and theory courses at my alma mater, the University of Southern Maine, where I earned my Master of Occupational Therapy after finishing a bachelor of arts in English Literature at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. My scholarly work focuses on the impact of enteral feeding on family mealtime routine, pediatric feeding and eating behavior disorders, health disparities experienced by transgender clients, and curriculum development. I am an American Occupational Therapy Association certified Eating, Feeding and Swallowing Therapist and continue to specialize in enteral tube weaning and telemedical services.

Research and Scholarship

Current Research Projects

  • - Transgender considerations in occupational therapy curricula
    - Mealtime experiences for families of children with enteral feeding
    - Telehealth as a model of teaching