Igor . Meerovich, MS, PhD
Igor Meerovich, MS, PhD

Igor Meerovich, MS, PhD

Resident Assistant Professor
School of Pharmacy and Health Professions

Academic Appointments


  • Pharmacy Sciences


  • Resident Assistant Professor

Publications and Presentations


  • Meerovich I.G., Gulyaev M.V., Meerovich, G.A. et al. Study of Phthalocyanine Derivatives as Contrast Agents for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Russian Journal of General Chemistry, 85(1), 333-337, 2015
  • Meerovich I., Muthukrishnan N., Johnson G., Eraso-Oliveras A., Pellois J.-P. Photodamage of lipid bilayers by irradiation of a fluorescently labeled cell-penetrating peptide, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, 1840(1), 507-515, 2014
  • Sanarova, E., Meerovich, I., Lantsova, A. et al. Thiosens liposomal dosage form technology development and photodynamic efficiency assessment, Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology, 24, 315-319, 2014
  • Tran Thi Hai Yen, Meerovich I.G., Meerovich G.A. et al. Comparative studies in vivo of free and liposomal forms of photosensitizer on a base of hydrophilic derivative of chlorin e6., Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology, 22(4), 291-294, 2012
  • Meerovich I., Koshkaryev A., Thekkedath R., Torchilin V.P. Screening and optimization of ligand conjugates for lysosomal targeting, Bioconjug Chem., 22(11), 2271-2282, 2011
  • Meerovich I., Koshkaryev A., Torchilin V. Kinetic and thermodynamic approach for the drug targeting phenomena (a review), Current Drug Discovery Technologies, 8(4), 287-300, 2011
  • Koshkaryev A., Thekkedath R., Pagano C., Meerovich I., Torchilin V. Intracellular Targeting of Lysosomes by Liposomes Modified with Octadecyl-Rhodamine B., Journal of Drug Targeting, 19(8), 606-614, 2011
  • Meerovich I., Dash A.K., Smith D.D. Direct Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis on Chitosan Microparticles for their Targeting to Tumor Cells, Molecular Pharmaceutics

Awards and Honors

  • A number of patents (RU 2257898, 2340615, 2385152, 2410090, 2411943, 2428981) with co-authors on a number of new photosensitizers and MRI contrast media, their drug forms and protocols for their use., 2016
  • Meerovich I., Dash A.K., Nichols M.G., Smith D.D. Approach and platform for drug formulations with light-induced drug release (2016; provisional application submitted; being transferred to full application), 2016
  • Meerovich I., Dash A.K., Smith D.D. Composition and method for preparing multifunctional targeting complexes (2015; full application submitted), 2016
  • Meerovich I.G., Meerovich G.A., Oborotova N.A., Baryhshnikov A.Y. Technique for photodynamic therapy. Patent RU 2339415 - Modification of PDT for increase of depth of treatment with efficiently absorbing photosensitizers, 2006
  • Meerovich G.A., Meerovich I.G. Powerful tunable laser device. Patent RU 2233519 - Scheme of laser light source with improved efficiency of use of energy and increased lifetime, 2002