Office of Interprofessional Scholarship, Service and Education


The Office for Interprofessional Scholarship, Service and Education (OISSE) is responsible for developing community partnerships, along with planning and implementing educational student-learning experiences and scholarly initiatives related to interprofessional community engagement within the School of Pharmacy and Health Professions (SPAHP).

OISSE was established in 2001, when Creighton was awarded federal grants to partner with the Omaha and Winnebago Tribes of Nebraska to address health disparities and provide students from across the health sciences with rural, cross-cultural, interprofessional service-learning experiences. Currently, OISSE manages SPAHP’s community engagement and community partnership portfolios to meet student-learning accreditation standards across SPAHP’s three curricular program mandates.

OISSE creates community engagements for SPAHP students, faculty and others across the health sciences who are interested in initiatives related to interprofessional education, health promotion and professional student formation.


The Office of Interprofessional Scholarship, Service and Education (OISSE) supports Creighton University faculty interested in interprofessional community engagement.

Core Faculty

A core faculty member is appointed by the department chair to act as a liaison between the departmental programs in the School of Pharmacy and Health Professions and OISSE to promote the mission and values of Creighton University.

The role of the core faculty is to link community needs with curricular learning objectives, as well as to provide feedback and expertise related to the development, implementation and assessment of service learning in our school. OISSE core faculty include faculty across the health sciences and the health science library.

Faculty Associates

Faculty across the health sciences can join OISSE as a faculty associate. Faculty associates are full-time faculty with a vested interest in developing and implementing community engagement and collaborative scholarship with a focus on underserved populations or groups aligned with Creighton’s mission.

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Community Partners

Creighton University Partnerships


Since 2005, OISSE’s community engagement model has expanded to include local service learning opportunities in the greater Omaha metropolitan area. The OISSE infrastructure recognizes faculty across the health science programs and various community leaders who are interested in interprofessional community engagement.

Creighton faculty members from dentistry, emergency medical services (EMS), medicine, nursing pharmacy, physical therapy, occupational therapy and the Health Science Library, in partnerships with community members, collaborate on global health promotion and prevention initiatives across the lifespan to meet authentic community needs, provide student learning opportunities and disseminate initiatives via scholarly presentations, publications and grant acquisition.

OISSE Core Faculty Scholarship is available upon request.