ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS ABOUT Creighton University Campus Pharmacy.

How do I transfer a prescription to the Creighton University Campus Pharmacy?

If you would like to transfer your prescription refills from another pharmacy, please call the Creighton University Campus Pharmacy at 402.449.4560. Be ready to provide the name and location of the pharmacy along with the name of the medication and/or the prescription number of any medications you need transferred.

How can I get assistance in paying for my prescription co-pays?

Please call the pharmacy at 402.449.4560 and speak to one of the pharmacists directly if you have any questions on payments.

Does the pharmacy carry OTC products?

Yes, the pharmacy carries a variety of over-the-counter products. If you are looking for a product the pharmacy does not normally keep in stock, we may be able to order it for you. Employees of both CHI and Creighton will receive a 10 percent discount on already low prices on over-the-counter products.

Can I use the on-campus prescription delivery service if I do not carry Creighton prescription benefit?

Yes, we offer delivery service to employees who work outside of the hospital facility regardless of their prescription drug coverage. You will need to complete the necessary paperwork prior to having your prescriptions delivered. You may request delivery of OTC items if you are having a prescription delivered as well. Creighton University Campus Pharmacy accepts most prescription plans. 

Can I fill a prescription for contraception at the Creighton University Campus Pharmacy?

Yes. Some insurance plans have separate coverage for contraceptives, so we may need additional information from you. Be aware that some insurance companies also require a prior authorization for certain forms of contraception.

What is a prior authorization?

A prior authorization is a process implemented by your insurance company to ensure compliance with the Preferred Drug List (PDL), which is an effort to keep costs down for the University and its employees. If your insurance plan requires a prior authorization for the medication you are prescribed, the pharmacist will receive an electronic message to inform the prescriber, and the prescriber will then contact the insurance company to discuss whether the intended use of the drug is allowable on your plan. If a prior authorization is denied, the insurance company does not cover any cost of the medication.

Can I fax a new prescription to the pharmacy to be filled?

We do allow employees to fax new prescriptions into the pharmacy. However, you must present the actual prescription upon pick-up or delivery. Please include a cover sheet with your prescription. Our fax number is 402.449.4531.