Creighton Pediatric Therapy


Creighton Pediatric Therapy

At  Creighton Pediatric Therapy, our team of occupational therapists, physical therapists and speech therapists is dedicated to providing unparalleled patient care in the Jesuit tradition of community, service and care for the whole person.

We work together with families in an inviting and friendly clinical setting to develop individualized treatment plans that go beyond quality care. We strive to build personal relationships with everyone we serve.

 Creighton Pediatric Therapy

We are proud to serve as a premier community partner with the Pediatric Occupational Therapy Fellowship and Pediatric Physical Therapy Residency Programs at Creighton University. Through these programs, we strengthen clinical expertise in pediatric therapy and improve the therapy experience for children and their families.

How to Find Us

Our address is 17055 Frances Street, Suite 103, Omaha, NE 68130.

We are located just northwest of 168th and Center in the Lakeside area. From the intersection of 168th and Center, go a few blocks north on 168th and turn left (west) at the Frances Street stoplight.

Please enter through the south (main entrance). Families with special mobility needs should use the accessible entrance on the west side of the building.

Pediatric Therapy Map

In addition to individual therapy sessions, we offer coordinated sessions with multiple services, including small-group camps and programming and informational sessions on selected topics of interest.

In our child and family friendly clinical space, we strive to provide a personal touch through the entire therapy experience. We welcome feedback from families to continually enhance our programming and services.

Creighton Pediatric Therapy

Creighton Pediatric Therapy

Mission & Goals

Our Mission

Creighton Pediatric Therapy will be a center of excellence in occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy for clinical services, research and education.

Our Goals

  • Provide high quality, evidence-based, family-centered care
  • Educate and support parents of children with special needs through training opportunities at the clinic and within the community
  • Provide a comprehensive health care program to the community focusing on improving wellness, enhancing quality of life, empowering families and bringing hope
  • Contribute to the body of evidence through clinical research
  • Serve as a resource, training and diagnostic center for sensory integration services
  • Serve as a resource, training and diagnostic center for feeding and swallowing services

Parent Testimonials

  1. I was so impressed with the progress my child was making in feeding therapy that I decided to start him in OT, speech, and PT here as well. All of the therapists are very patient with my child and adapt their teaching strategies to his developmental level. It has also taught me a great deal and has given me tools to work with him at home (Katina).
  2. Stacy is amazing with my child. I appreciate all that she does! (Mikki).
  3. Lisa is wonderful. She listens to us and addresses our concerns. Her practical suggestions for home have helped improve our son’s growth and development. My son loves to see her! We have tried other clinics/providers and she is the only one he connects with (Sara).
  4. Everyone is courteous and friendly. We love the new space! (Megan).
  5. Kaity has been wonderful with my child. I appreciate the way she interacts and works with her and feel that now her physical strength and abilities have improved, along with her confidence. We will both miss Kaity! (Jaime about our previous pediatric PT resident).
  6. Kelly is amazing. I was pleased and very impressed (Christina).
  7. Stacy and Kaity are so great to work with. I always appreciate the conversations we have (Jennifer).
  8. We had an exceptional experience with Kelly. She was personal and attentive and truly cared! (Lindsay).