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DPT Prerequisites



  • A minimum of 90 semester hours or 136 quarter hours are required before entering the program.
  • Applicants who do not hold a bachelor’s degree must identify their major emphasis of study and satisfactorily complete three upper-level courses (nine semester hours) toward that major prior to matriculation.
  • Strong academic performance is considered paramount; the degree of emphasis is secondary.
  • Prerequisite courses may be completed at any regionally accredited institution and must be completed with a grade of C or better (a C- grade is not acceptable). All prerequisite coursework must be completed by August 1 of the desired year of entry.


Courses Semester Hours Quarter Hours
General Biology I & II with labs (Coursework in botany, ecology, entomology, anatomy, or physiology will not fulfill the biology requirement.) 8 12
General Chemistry I & II with labs* 8 12
General Physics I & II with labs* 8 12
Human or Mammalian Physiology (If enrolled in a combined anatomy/physiology course, 6 semester hours will be required.) 3 4.5
English (including Composition) 6 9
Statistics 3 4.5
Electives (Creighton undergraduate students must complete 6 hours of Theology among the elective hours.) 54 82
Total 90 136

*The chemistry and physics courses must be a two-semester, eight-hour or equivalent course sequence. A course sequence is considered to be a correlated pair of courses offering in-depth coverage of a specific field and must be at a level such that the courses would be acceptable as prerequisites to advance toward a baccalaureate degree in that discipline. Applicants must have completed 16 of the 27 prerequisite science courses or equivalent prior to the application deadline.


Technical Standards

In addition to the academic requirements for admission, students must possess skills and abilities that will allow them to successfully complete the curriculum and practice the profession of physical therapy. A list of the Physical Therapy program’s technical standards can be found here.


Immunization Requirements

Creighton University puts certain requirements in place for its students for the health and well-being of our campus community.  More information on Creighton's Immunization Requirements can be found here.


Have additional questions? Find out more about this program by contacting the admissions staff. Request more information or give us a call at 1-800-325-2830 Ext. 1.