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DPT Program



Docotor of Physical Therapy  Creighton UniversityIn 1993, Creighton introduced the nation's first Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree, recognizing the need for a higher standard of education. Soon, the profession followed. In eight semesters, the DPT prepares graduates for autonomous practice. Earning the DPT requires more than hard work--it also requires a deep commitment to patient care.


Creighton's Department of Physical Therapy is built on the ideal that each individual is responsible for maintaining the quality and dignity of his/her own life and for participating in and enriching the human community. Creighton University’s Department of Physical Therapy is committed to leadership in clinical doctoral education through academic excellence, significant scholarly contributions, service to the human community, and fostering societal and professional dedication within its graduates.


Our faculty average more than 15 years of clinical experience and serve the profession showing national leadership in rehabilitation research and the advanced study of human motion.


The ideal learning environment for students enrolled in the Creighton Physical Therapy Department is one of intellectual challenge, presenting opportunities for collaborative and independent learning and offering experiential breadth that encompasses collaboration with peers, clients, families and others within and external to the discipline of physical therapy. In concert with the Jesuit tradition of Creighton University, the Physical Therapy Department provides an environment that values human dignity across various styles of thinking and diverse social backgrounds while fostering moral responsibility and academic excellence. This dynamic framework allows students to identify, define and grow to fulfill the responsibilities of a professional within society.


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