Pharmacy Students and Graduates Match with Residencies

In 2020, 59, fourth-year pharmacy students and 31 graduates applied for a postgraduate training.

Lab tech, SPAHP professor develop patented pharmaceutical testing device

Daniel Munt, MS’19 and Alekha Dash, PhD have developed a new device meant for testing aerosol chemicals.

2020 Alumni Merit Award Recipient

The Creighton University Alumni Merit Award recognizes outstanding alumni from each school and college.

TLC Grant Awards

Creighton’s Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) has awarded the following grant submissions to the School of Pharmacy and Health Professions faculty and staff.

Pharmacy grad recounts story of responding to emergency overdose

Bo Jansa, PharmD’19, was having a busy week. But, as many recent pharmacy graduates will attest, that’s not uncommon in the business.