School of Pharmacy and Health Professions Administration.

Evan T. Robinson, RPh, PhDSam AugustineBrenda M. Coppard

Evan T. Robinson

- Dean

Sam Augustine

- Special Assistant to the Dean

Brenda M. Coppard

- Associate Dean, Office of Assessment

Alekha DashJames V. Lynskey, PT, PhDMichael Monaghan

Alekha K. Dash

- Associate Dean, Research

- Chair, Pharmacy Sciences

Jim Lynskey

- Chair, Physical Therapy (Phoenix Campus)

Michael S. Monaghan

- Chair, Pharmacy Practice

Keli MuKirk PeckPaul Price

Keli Mu

-  Associate Dean, International Relations

- Chair, Occupational Therapy

Kirk Peck

- Chair, Physical Therapy (Omaha Campus)

Paul Price

- Senior Associate Dean

Amy Wilson  

Amy Wilson

- Senior Associate Dean for Operations