Distance Education - What We Do

Supporting Excellence in Health Sciences Distance Education.

Distance Education - What We Do

The Office of Distance Education interfaces with students, faculty, staff, and other partners to support and enhance our online and hybrid programs.  Learn more about some of the innovative work we do below.


Our faculty and staff work closely with distance students to ensure they have an exceptional educational experience, using their feedback to shape and grow the programs and services we offer.  Regardless of location or pathway, our distance students are part of an inclusive and supportive community.  The Office of Distance Education works with other Offices to facilitate on-campus and online activities including orientation, classroom, and laboratory experiences. 

Faculty & Staff

The Office of Distance Education provides faculty and staff with resources to support innovative distance learning pedagogies.  We regularly offer orientation and development sessions on emerging teaching technologies and best practices for distance education.  The Office of Distance Education also encourages faculty and staff participation in educational conferences and activities to share our experience in health sciences distance education. 

Other Partners

As a leader in health sciences distance education, we are actively engaged with state and national organizations, such as the Nebraska Distance Learning Association and the United States Distance Learning Association.  We welcome the opportunity to collaborate on many diverse projects; distancelearning [at] creighton [dot] edu (contact us) to learn more.