Alumni Mentoring Program

Alumni-Student Mentor Program.

older male mentor meeting with young male student from Creighton University

The Alumni-Student Mentor Program develops opportunities for SPAHP students and graduates to interact, while alumni assist students in becoming service-minded health care leaders. It gives incoming occupational therapy, pharmacy and physical therapy students the opportunity to have an alumni mentor for the duration of their academic careers.

Who Can Participate

All Creighton SPAHP alumni are eligible and encouraged to volunteer as mentors, including those outside the Omaha area. The program matches campus and distance students with SPAHP alumni from across the country. Mentoring pairs develop their partnerships through face-to-face interactions, emails, online chats, telephone conversations, online video and teleconferencing (FaceTime, Skype) and via participation in campus events.


Participation in the program requires a few hours each month. Mentor and mentee pairings are free to determine their own schedules for communication and meeting. All pairs are encouraged to connect at least twice each semester. The more regular communication there is between a mentor and mentee, the more productive and successful the partnership. Once a mentor is assigned, they will remain with that student throughout the student’s academic career, with the hope that a lifelong relationship is formed.

Before registering for the program, all potential alumni mentors and student mentees are asked to consider the commitment they are making to their fellow Bluejay. Once you have been paired with a mentor or student mentee, you are obligated to be proactive and committed to establishing an honest, communicative and productive partnership.

Responsibilities of a Mentee

Having a supportive mentoring relationship is beneficial as a student navigates the overall academic experience and development as a healthcare professional. A mentor is a supportive, professional resource, but should not be used for counseling and/or specific advising purposes. To get the most out of the relationship, the mentee must be receptive to what the mentor is sharing.

Mentees will:

  • Assume personal responsibility for their academic and professional growth.
  • Initiate contact with the mentor and communicate at least once each semester. A face-to-face meeting is highly desired and recommended because it provides the maximum benefit to both parties, but it’s not required. If a mentee does not live close to his/her mentor, this can be accomplished via email, phone calls, FaceTime, Skype, LinkedIn chats and messaging or at a Creighton-organized networking event. 
  • Listen and consider different perspectives and paths toward their goals.
  • Be open and committed to the mentoring process and ask meaningful questions about their mentor’s career path and decision-making.
  • Accept feedback and learn from it while implementing new knowledge into their academic and professional habits.
  • Have realistic expectations of the mentoring relationship, understanding that networking does not always end with a job offer.
  • Arrange opportunities to be in contact with their mentor based on priorities that make both the mentor and mentee comfortable.

Mentor-Mentee Matching

While the Creighton University School of Pharmacy and Health Professions Alumni Advisory Board Student Engagement Committee will consider commonalities in professional degree program and geographic location, Creighton cannot guarantee each student who requests a mentor will be paired with a mentor of similar interests or location. In addition, not all students requesting a mentor will be assigned one. The Alumni Advisory Board will remain accessible throughout the duration of the formal mentorship to answer any mentor/mentee questions and to support the best matching decisions for all program participants.

Mentor Program Activities

The development of a mentoring relationship is largely free form and determined by the members of the pairing. However, pairs are provided with suggested activities where they can meet and interact to progress within their mentoring partnerships.

·       Community Health Service Projects

·       LinkedIn

·       Professionalism Ceremony

·       Homecoming Weekend Block Party

·       Creighton Receptions at Professional Meetings

·       Honors Convocation

·       Graduate Recognition and Hooding Ceremony

·       Career Fair

·       Jay2Jay Alumni Network

·       Creighton Student Alumni Association

·       Creighton Alumni Regional Clubs

Distance and E-Mentoring

All Creighton University School of Pharmacy and Health Professions alumni and first-year students, regardless of geographic location, are eligible and encouraged to participate in the Alumni-Student Mentor Program. E-mentoring allows campus and distance students to connect with alumni all over the country. Even if a mentor and mentee are not in the same city, they can still have a productive and fulfilling mentoring partnership. With just a little extra effort, and by being more intentional in their mentoring interactions, e‐mentors and e‐mentees can have incredible developmental experiences. 

Top Five Tips for Success

  1. Communicate in a professional and honest manner. Technology allows us to utilize email, phone, text, video chat, social media, etc. Plan ahead for in-person meetings and return messages within 24 hours.
  2. Brainstorm clear, realistic expectations for what each party expects and discuss each other’s strengths, areas of improvement and goals.
  3. Create common experiences and share interests. Look for activities you can complete on your own and discuss later, such as reading a journal article.
  4. Be flexible and open to ideas shared. The mentor-mentee experience is constantly evolving, and new ideas might come up that offer the opportunity to consider different perspectives about goals and expectations for professional growth.
  5. Reflect on feedback and discussions. One-on-one mentorship can provide participants with valuable insights and understanding of themselves and each other.


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