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More than 300 new students participated in the SPAHP Welcome Week sessions.
SPAHP graduated 224 students during May 2014, many going on to complete residency training.
Drs. Joy Doll, Katie Packard, Ann Ryan Haddad and Kim Begley are part of an interprofessional scholar team who have advanced as finalist in the NBME Centennial Scholar Prize Competition for the submission "Tying Teams Together."
Dr. Tom Lenz appointed to lead team to create a Creighton Center for Health Promotion and Well-Being.
PT Con Ed on Sept. 20 to Feature Dan Lorenz.
A summary of SPAHP faculty recognitions and achievements from Feb-Aug 2014 is given.
Dr. Clark was invited to present at International Social Pharmacy Workshop in Boston, Mass.
Dr. Michele Faulkner is scheduled to speak again at the 3rd Annual Neurology for Primary Care
Dr. Philip Gregory has accepted the new role of associate director for the Creighton Center of Drug Information and Evidence-Based Practice.
Dr. Somnath Singh accepted the appointment as director of the M.S. Pharmaceutical Sciences program, effective July 1, 2014.
Dr. Kim Begley was elected as the AACP's Laboratory Instructor's Special Interest Group chair-elect for the 2014-15 academic year.
Drs Tammy Burns and Jeff North were chosen as two of five awardees for the Creighton Office of Research and Compliance Services's LB 692 New Initiative grant.
A group of OT and PT students and an OT faculty member from Shanghai University of Traditional Medicine will be on-campus May 19-Aug. 16, 2014 participating in OT and PT coursework and events.
Dr. Paul Price's title of Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs has been changed to Associate Dean of Academic Affairs effective July 1, 2014.
Thirteen PPOTD students came to campus June 25-27 to begin research coursework.